Assam SUCI (C) accuses Batadrova police station of incinerator

Assam SUCI (C) accuses Batadrova police station of incinerator

LAKHIMPUR: After examining various aspects of the unnatural death of the accused in police detention, the incineration of the Batadrova police station, and the destruction of the suspect’s house by Bulldozer, the SUCI (Communist) Assam State Commission Of the Batadrova police station who accused the incineration.

At a press conference on this point, the party said, “Instead of protesting the norms of democracy, such reckless activities will never have concrete consequences. Rather, the reactionary hands will be strengthened and democracy. The atmosphere of the exercise is disturbed. ” In addition, demanding a fair investigation of the case, the party said the real criminal should be punished through a judicial trial.

“In response, it is very disappointing that the government and police destroyed the house that stood on the land of Myadipata in the village of Sarna Bali with a bulldozer and turned it into rubble. Through this act, the process of judicial trial was trampled and It has the highest power. The awarding of punishment was entrusted to the police without trial. ”

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