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Assam: State Government Introduces Prime Minister’s Emergency Plan

In this regard, the state government has issued a notice stating that the system will be used to compensate for civilian losses caused by various misfortunes and natural and unnatural accidents.

“CMSPE funds will only be used under the Prime Minister’s Secretariat and will be included in the state’s annual budget as a Prime Minister’s grant as a means of using public emergencies,” the notice added.

The logic behind this scheme is to make money available for public emergencies without wasting valuable time in an emergency.

The process of this currency cycle, with the consent of the Treasury Department, will be carried out via the ceiling route and will be available in the Savings Bank account of a public sector bank operated by the Prime Minister of Assam. At the end of the year, the interest it receives shall be returned to the government’s exchequer.

As mentioned earlier, funds from this scheme will be used for a variety of compensation purposes due to natural accidental disasters or conflicts where normal funding or income is not available or sufficient.

Funds are also used to provide monetary awards for exceptional services performed by individuals or civil servants, sports, cultural and academic icons, as well as workshops, seminars, festivals, etc.