Assam: Schoolgirl Attempts Suicide After Mental Harassment By Teacher

Assam Schoolgirl Suicides After Being Mentally Harassed by Teacher

Two other students from the school were also alleged to have suffered mental harassment.

When the Human Rights Commission visited the school to inspect the reports of the girl’s family on the case, it became clear that this incident had occurred.

Ajit Kumar, however, was clear to refute the claims that the teacher tortured students mentally in the hostel.

The victim’s family and the people in the area were hopeful that after inspection by the Human Rights Commission, it would be possible to unravel the mystery behind the suicide episode.

In November 2021, an eighth-grade student from class 12 hanged himself in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu).

The parents of their child claimed that the cause for her suicide was sexual harassment at school by an educator.