Assam: Protests Break Out Against Bank Manager In State's Sonari District

Assam: In the Sonari District of State, Protests Break out Against the Bank Manager

The protestors claimed that Bishnu Hzarika (the bank manager) often mistreats clients.

Demonstrators outside the bank demanded the suspension and expulsion of the bank manager over alleged customer abuse.

“He has been abusing many people in a very disrespectful fashion and only a handful of people are coming forward to voice their discontent and anger towards the bank manager,” stated one protestor.

A woman mentioned, in addition to this, that her bank had not been able update her passbook from 2020 onwards and that her KYC has also not yet been renewed.

Further, the protestors claimed that the bank makes excuses for their failures and refuses solve them. The protestors claimed they do not receive messages regarding their bank transactions.

The bank manager, however, refused to admit such allegations and said instead that he had never treated anyone badly nor knew anything about the protest seeking suspension.