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Assam: President Ram Nath Kovind attending the 61st session of Bod Sahitia Sabkha tomorrow

Reportedly, the session lasted until May 4, with Bodo Sahitya Sabha’s 61st session in full swing, with organizers ready to welcome more than Rs 10,000 during the session. ..

On this occasion, Assam Handroom Textile Minister Urkao Gra Brahma said the President of India was the first in the history of Baudou Sahitia Sabkha to attend the Baudou Sahitia Sabkha session. ..

“The Welcome Committee is now ready to welcome more than Rs 10,000. This year’s session focuses on” Stop wasting food. ” There will be about 4,000 to 5,000 representatives of Bodo Sahitya Sabha, “ANI quoted.

“We are trying to make every possible preparation for the success of this year’s BodoSahityaSabha session. This year we have vowed to spread the message” Stop wasting food. ” He said.

Bodo Sahitya Sabha was founded in 1952 and is committed to the development of literature, culture and language. It plays a leading role in maintaining coordination between different ethnic groups.

Bodo Sahitya Sabha prepares over 40,000 scientific and technological terms in Boro.