Assam Police

Assam Police's Major Crackdown: 3 With Suspected Terror Links Arrested

Assam police have taken three people into custody who are suspected to be linked to Al-Qaeda Indian Subcontinent, (AQIS), and Ansarullah Bengal Team (ABT). The Imams of the mosques in Assam’s Goalpara were among those arrested.

According to police sources, the arrested people were identified as Abdus Subhan and Jalaluddin sheikh, Imams of Tinkunia Shantipur Mosque in Mornoi, and Jalaluddin Scheikh, Imams of Tilapara Natun Mosque at Matia station, Goalpara.

V.V. Rakesh, the Superintendent of Police (SP), Goalpara district stated.

We have received input from Abbas Ali, who was also connected with Jihadi elements. We discovered that they had direct connections to the Morigaon and Barpeta modules of AQIS/ABT In Assam,” said Mr Reddy.

“A number of documents related to Al-Qaeda, Jihadi, posters, books and other material were seized as part of house searches,” he said.

Another person was also detained by police in Barpeta for links to Ansarullah Bangla Team, a Jihadi organization based out of Bangladesh and known as an wing Al-Qaeda’s Indian Subcontinent.