Assam: PHED drinking water projects lying defunct in Boko

Assam: PHED water projects in Boko are now defunct

These projects were allegedly carried out in large numbers of villages within the Boko PHED subdivision. Boko PHED subdivision’s water supply plans, Sekhadari and Dakhain Sekhadari as well as Uttar Sekhadari and Boralimara, completely failed to provide drinking water for the people. Although the funds were used for repairs and rebuilding many times, they did not produce the desired result. These non-functional water systems were primarily used by contractors, as well as a few department employees.

Sankar Kalita of Trilochan said no Trilochan family received water through the Trilochan Supply Scheme since the very beginning. Boralimara Water Supply Project was built around 2 years ago. However, local residents claimed that they only received water 2-3 times per week after which the project became inoperable.

Uttar Sekhadari residents claimed the Uttar Sekhadari Water Supply Scheme, which was built in 2017, was the result of many requests made by the State Government. Although this project received crores of rupees to fund it, the scheme has yet not been functional.

Local residents of Dakhin Sekhadari say that Dakhin Sekhadari Water Supply Project has been defunct since it was established three years ago. They have requested that the Chief Minister investigate this issue so they can obtain pure drinking water.

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