Assam, Parts Of Northeast Witness High Temperature

Parts Of Northeast and Assam Experience High Temperatures

Northeast India, which has suffered from massive floods this monsoon and landslides after heavy rains this year, is now experiencing very high temperatures.

Guwahati was the largest city of the region and experienced 38.1° Celsius Thursday. This is 6.2 degrees higher than normal, making it the highest temperature recorded in Guwahati in 30 years. Guwahati recorded 38.4 degrees Celsius on July 18. 2018.

Assam and Northeast also experience high temperatures, but with high humidity.

Silchar, in Southern Assam, recorded 39.6° Celsius in July. This was the second-highest temperature in the city.

Tripura’s capital Agartala recorded on Thursday 37.1 degrees Celsius,  second highest recorded temperate in July, the highest in July for the city being 37.7 degrees Celsius recorded on July 17, 1992.