Assam Congress To Protest Tomorrow Against Rahul Gandhi

Assam Parliament protesting Rahul Gandhi’s question tomorrow

Assam parliamentary workers will protest outside Rajbawan tomorrow against Rahul Gandhi’s question by the executive office on suspicion of a money laundering case related to the National Herald.

Assam Legislative Chairman Bupen Kumarbora and other leaders were detained by police today. Today, police officers were injured when a parliamentary worker clashed with a police officer.

Another case was registered against parliamentary workers in the assault on police officers, officials told Bibarud.

GP Singh, Assam’s special secretary for police, law and order, said the injured police officer had been properly treated and action began.

“At @ assampoliceACPDispur’s workplace, I was injured while handling an L & O situation in Guwahati. Appropriate treatment is being taken. Legal action has begun,” Singh tweeted.