Assam Congress Files Complaint Against BJP Leader

Assam Parliament complains about the remarks of the BJP leader’s prophet

After extensive protests in several parts of the country over controversial remarks at the Prophet Muhammad by suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma and exiled leader Naveen Kumar Jindal, the FIR was Assam. Registered against them at.

After the Assam Pradesh Parliamentary Commission filed a complaint, the FIR was registered with the Bangagarh Police Station Guwahati, and the statements of the two leaders were not only disdainful, but also hurt the image of Indian civilization, which statements were made in India. He said that it influenced the unification of the diversity of India.

“Such statements have a negative impact on society and should be considered criminal offenses. Acting against BJP leaders in accordance with Indian criminal law,” said Lomen Chandra Voltacourt, senior spokesman for Assam Parliament. Punishment should be given. It will lead to undesired situations in the future. “

On Friday, protests took place in several parts of the country. Violence at lunch in Jharkhand killed two people and injured 10 others. Some parts of the lunch were placed under the curfew. In Delhi, after Friday prayer, protests took place within Jama Masjid.

On June 5, the BJP suspended spokesperson Nupur Sharma and expelled Delhi’s unit media director Naveen Kumar Jindal after protesting from many countries in the Gulf region over controversial remarks about the Prophet Muhammad.