Prophet Row: Curfew In 4 Assam Districts, Ban On Rallies

Assam Opposition Alleges Discrimination in MLA Schemes to Chief Minister

Assam’s Opposition MLAs (from the Congress and CPM) and Akhil Goi, an Independent Legislator have claimed discrimination in the allocation of schemes in Assam by the Assam government to their constituents. Today they sent a memorandum (Memorial to Chief Minister Himanta biswa Sarma).   

According to the memo, “The opposition MLAs had been intentionally discriminated (against), vis-a -vis the MLAs in the ruling parties.” When decisions were made in many constituencies on development schemes, the opposition MLAs weren’t taken into account.  

The memorandum said that “the discrimination against your government is evident since the MLAs from the opposition parties received no funds under untied fund.”

According to parties, in areas where incumbents are part of the opposition party, only a few kilometers of Embankment–cum-Road infrastructure was sanctioned. However, Embankment-cum -Road infrastructure in the constituencies of ruling parties was approved for more than 10km.  

The state’s Mukhya Mantrir Pakipath Nirmanachani road infrastructure scheme, for 2022-23. “It has been brought to our attention that 16 km roads will not be approved for constituencies where MLAs are from the opposition parties, but 25 km roads for new construction are approved for constituencies in which there are MLAs for the ruling parties,” the memorandum stated.

Multiple schemes under the Water Resources Department are “totally disparatory” against constituencies of opposition MLAs. This is according to the MLAs.