Assam: Nine health workers suspended for ‘negligence’ of duty

Assam: Nine health workers suspended for ‘negligence’ of duty

Assam’s ninety-nine health workers were suspended for neglect of duty.

The social media went viral after a video featuring a pained pregnant woman became viral.

This video features a pregnant woman bleeding in the middle of her labor.

Khepre Primary Health Centre in Dima Hasao District of Assam reported the incident.

Following widespread circulation of the video, the chief executive member (CEM) of Dima Hasao autonomous council (DHAC) – Debolal Gorlosa has asked the principal secretary to initiate probe into the matter.

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According to some reports, doctors and other health professionals fail in their duties, and are often unavailable.

“It is observed that the Khepre PHC is not run regularly and you are not performing your duties, given that there are responsibilities upon you. Hence, you are placed under suspension till the departmental inquiry is completed,” the suspension order read.

According to reports, she is safe now that the mother, who had a healthy son, has given birth.