Assam: My forefathers were Hindu, claims AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal

Assam: My forefathers are Hindus, says Badruddin Ajmal (AIUDF chief).

Guwahati: Badruddin Ajmal, chief of AIUDF on Thursday stated that his forefathers are Hindu.

“My forefathers were Hindu. Due to the atrocities by a small group of Hindus, many Muslims like my forefathers had to convert themselves into Islam,” he said.

They were, however, not forced to convert, the Lok Sabha MP from Assam’s Dhubri constituency further said.  

Taking a dig at the RSS and the BJP, Ajmal said, “The agenda of Hindu Rashtra is a political gimmick that these 5 per cent Hindus use as a political tool to gain votes. It will forever remain a dream.”

Earlier, Ajmal appealed to Muslims in Assam not to sacrifice cows during the upcoming Eid celebration and requested them to offer the ‘Qurbani’ (sacrifice) using other animals to fulfil the religious obligation.

However, the appeal caused a commotion in Assam, which upset many Muslim leaders who are opposed to him.

On this, Ajmal on Thursday told media persons: “I have made an appeal to respect our Hindu brothers’ sentiments. Even many Muslim religious institutes do not support cow sacrifice.”

According to him, Darul Uloom Deoband, the country’s largest Islamic academic institute also issued a similar appeal a few years ago.