Assam: MLA Aminul Islam demands clarification regarding animal slaughter SOP from State Government

Assam: AminulIslam, MLA for Assam demands clarification from State Government on animal slaughter

Guwahati: Following the SOP on the Assam animal slaughter, Aminul Islam, the legislator from the Dhing constituency said that it seemed like a plot to disrupt the harmony within the state.

Islam stated that the SOP and points should be cleared by the state government in a statement to the media.

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An SOP being monitored around the calendar year prior to Bakri Idd was released by MLA. This seemed suspicious.

He said that there are discussions being carried and soon they might file a PIL against the state government regarding this “suspicious” SOP.

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He also stated that the SOP had been released shortly before the Idd, per the instructions of the RSS.

He demanded that the Assam state government apologize to Assam citizens for creating an unneeded drift as a result of this SOP.