Assam Minister Pijush Hazarika Slams Delhi CM For His Remarks On Closure of Govt Schools

Assam Minister Pijush Hazarika Despils Delhi CM’s Remarks on Closure Of Govt Schools

The Assam government was considering taking legal action against the 34 schools which had zero passing percentages after the recent announcement of High School Leaving Certificates (HSLC). Reports also suggested that these schools would be shut down by the state government.

Ranoj Pegu, Assam Education minister, tweeted that the matter was being clarified.

“Our government has established 97 model schools in tea garden areas that are vernacular and 13 Adarsha Vidyalayas which are English-medium this year.

Kejriwal, in reaction to closing schools, took to microblogging to say that “Closing schools does not solve the problem.” It is enough to build many schools throughout the country. Don’t close the school; instead, make it better and get education right.

Pijush Hazarika, however, didn’t like Kejriwal tweeting. He later responded to it on Twitter and suggested that he doesn’t have the right to comment on education upliftment.

“First, the schools of Assam will not be closed. They are being merged to enhance their educational environment.