Assam Millet Mission across State for the session 2022-23

Assam Millet Mission throughout State during the session 2022-2223

NAGAON: For the 2022-22-23 session, the State government will launch an enormous demonstration farming program called Assam Millet Mission in the State. In order to expand and increase millet cultivation, the government launched the program across the State.

As the millets are rich in vitamins, iron and zinc, the mission aims to improve food habits for the residents of the area. A release said that the millets also contain less carbohydrate than wheat and rice, making them a better hygiene food for diabetics.

The scheme involved the selection of 60 ha of land by the district agricultural department under 13 circles of agriculture in the district to grow millet crops, especially finger-millet. This is also known locally as Ragi.

Tarun Hazarika (district agriculture officer) said to me that district agriculture department had enlisted 245 farmers under 15 ADO circles in Nagaon for demonstration farming, especially finger-millet. This was for session 2022-22-23. Officials and other specialists from the concerned department have begun the distribution of seeds to the chosen farmers.

Hazarika further explained that there were training camps for selected farmers to learn how to farm millet crops.

According to him, today’s training program included a session held at Morongial in Barhampur LAC. He was the chief guest.