Assam:  Metrology official caught red-handed in Guwahati while accepting bribe

Assam:  Metrology official caught red-handed in Guwahati while accepting bribe

Guwahati: One Metrology officer in Guwahati has been arrested on corruption charges by Assam’s Vigilance and Anti-Corruption wings of Assam police.

Shashidra Nath Bishya was found guilty of accepting a Rs.20,000 bribe from the complainant to obtain a license for him to sell the equipment.

Baishya previously demanded Rs. 25,000 to be bribed by the complainant for the issuing of the license. He refused and approached Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Directorate in order for the necessary legal action against this senior official.

“Baishya was caught red-handed in his office chamber soon after he accepted the demanded bribe of Rs 20,000 from the complainant. On further search, an additional amount of Rs 3,23,850 has also been recovered from his office chamber by the anti-Corruption team,” the official said.

Baishya is fourth Assam government official caught with red hands accepting bribes.

In Goalpara, Vigilance and Anticorruption officers arrested Akbar Ali (Executive Engineer) and Jagadish Racha (Head Assistant in Irrigation Department), for accepting a bribe amounting to Rs. 50,000.

Ali and Rabha wanted Rs.80,000 as a bribe from the complainant to give him work in flood damage restoration.

Madan Singha was a senior accountant in Cachar district’s treasury in Silchar. He received a Rs 10,000 bribe in a trap set by the thief.

Singha requested a bribe for processing the commutation loans of the complainant. He is an ex-public servant.