Assam: Meat Seller Attacks Man With Machete Over Rs 30 In Biswanath

Assam: A Meat seller attacks man with a machete in Biswanath

According to reports, Prashanta Boro was the victim. The argument escalated later.

After the heated dispute between them, the meat seller grabbed his machete to attack Boro. He was left critically injured.

Boro was immediately rushed into a hospital to receive medical attention. He was later referred by Tezpur Medical College Hospital, (TMCH), to be treated for his injuries.

Biswanath police received this information and quickly reached the scene to arrest Mani, the meat seller.

A young Manjur Ahmed, identified as Manjur Ahmed, was recently burned in an attack that took place in Assam’s Karimganj District on August 14.

Locals witnessed Ahmed being attacked and then acid being thrown at him.