Assam: Man who was arrested for protesting dressed as Shiva gets bail

Assam: Bail is granted to a man arrested after he protested dressed in Shiva.

Guwahati: Birinchi Bora was released after Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma intervened. He had been arrested protesting the increase in price.

On Saturday Nagaon’s Birinchi Bora was arrested for a street play protesting the rise in fuel prices while being dressed as Lord Shiva. His act focused on price rise issues, but many found it offensive and offending.

After filing an FIR against him at Nagaon Sadar Police Station, he was taken into custody by police.

But, he was freed on Sunday by the intervention Chief Minister Himanta biswa Saarma.

Twitter statement by the Chief Minister said Nukad Natak’s statements on current issues are not blasphemous. “Dressing up is not a crime unless offensive material is said. Appropriate order has been issued to Nagaon Police”, he added.