Assam: Man arrested in Sonapur for raping 15-year-old minor

Assam: A man was arrested at Sonapur after raping a 15-year old boy

GUWAHATI: A man was arrested from the Digarupar area of Kamrup Metro’s Sonapur for allegedly raping a minor girl.

Babul Debnath was identified as the accuser. 

Reports state that the minor, who is only 15 years old, was allegedly raped in her own home by Debnath.

According to the arrest, she entered the home when she wasn’t there.

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According to the family, they learned about the incident when they witnessed the suspect leaving the house in suspicious fashion.

A minor with a disability, which the family did not disclose to her, said that Babul Debnath forced her.

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Family members of the victim claimed that the man entered their house to seek water, but when they saw the girl alone, he made a profit.

The men also said that Babul also threatened them with harm after they were released from jail.