Assam: Man arrested for killing son in Guwahati

Guwahati, Assam: A man was arrested by Guwahati police for the killing of his son

Guwahati: Police arrested a Chandmari man for killing his son and then dumping the body along the street.

One may mention that Monday morning saw a body covered in blood and recovered in Chandmari. It was placed in a bag.

Tinkle Sarma, 25, was the victim.

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According to reports, his father Ambika was arrested by the police for murdering him based upon preliminary investigations.

Reports state that Ambika had said to Tinkle, following an argument with her son, when he was arrested.

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But he said that the murder of Tinke was an act of retaliation and not deliberate. Tinke was attacked by him before he tried to kill him.

Tinkle tried to attack Ambika, but Ambika reacted with self defense and a bamboo.