Assam: Man accused of murder burnt alive in Nagaon by public

Assam: Nagaon public prosecutor accuses Assam of killing a Nagaon man.

Guwahati: A man in Nagaon’s Lalung gaon was burnt alive by a mob following a “kangaroo court” verdict.

As per police sources, the person was burnt alive by the mob consisting of the villagers of the Lalung gaon area under Samaguri Police Station’s jurisdiction.

Ranjit Bordoloi, a coaccused in the recent murder of a village woman was the victim.

Sources say that a new bride drowned in a village stream a few days before she was married. The villagers later cremated the body without notifying the police and without conducting any investigations.

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But, after some time, a woman from the area claimed she had been involved in Sabita’s murder.

Villagers claim that the murdered woman was involved in witchcraft, and they set up Kangaroo courts.

During the hearing, the woman named Ranjit Bordoloi and later was brought to the “court” for further hearing.

Bordoloi had confessed that he killed his wife, according to locals. They first attacked Bordoloi and then set his remains on fire.

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According to a police source, he was burned at 90 percent. This suggests that he may have been killed while still living.

A woman in the village said that the family did not want to inform the police, as the victim had already admitted to his crime.

A few villager were detained by the police and an investigation has been started.