Police Officer Assam arrests fiance after learning that he is Conman

Assam "Lady Singham"Arrested fiancé, faced with alleged corruption

Assam police officer Junmoni Rabha, who arrested her fiancé for fraud last month, was arrested today on charges of corruption related to her ex.

Ms Rabha, a deputy inspector in the Nagaon district of Assam, was arrested after being cross-examined for two days. According to police sources, she was sent to judicial detention for 14 days by a court in the Majuri district.

The two contractors complained to police that they had signed a monetary deal with Ms. Raba’s ex-Lana Pogag after introducing Ms. Ms. when she was stationed in Majuri. The contractor claimed they were fooled.

Rabha submitted his first Information Report (FIR), claiming to Pogag that he was fooling some people by promising work and contracts at ONGC. He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of cheating and imprisoned in Majuri Prison.

Later, a complaint was filed against Mule, who was formerly known as “Lady Singham” or “Davan Cop” after the Hindi movie, saying that Pogag had raised money on her behalf. The investigation was ordered to file a complaint, sources said.

Mule was taken to the Majuri district prison.