Assam: Japanese Encephalitis Claims 7 Lives in 8 Days, Over 70 Cases Registered

Assam: Japanese Incephalitis Claim 7 Lives in Eight Days. Over 70 Cases Register

According to the National Health Mission, 74 cases have been identified in the state of JE since July 1. The 25th case was on Friday.

The statement stated that a seven-point directive was issued to all district offices for the management and handling of JE/AES case.

A state control center with toll-free phone number 104 was set up on the other side, and all districts were asked to establish similar helplines.

The statement added that special districts task forces meetings would be held in every district and that the reports from these meetings would be sent to Guwahati’s state head office, NHM.

According to officials, at least 40 victims of JE died in the state during last year.

Some districts are seeing a rise in contamination of drinking water, and reports about health risks as a result. For prompt follow-up, the NHM MD directed all district health team members to intensify monitoring and reporting fever cases promptly to authorities.