Assam HSLC Distinction And Star Marks Holders to Receive Cash Award, Apply Here

Assam HSLC Distinction and Star Marks Holders will Receive Cash Awards, Apply Here

Officially received by N. Nath, Secretary of Board Of Secondary Education (SEBA), the notification stated that cash will be dispensed to students who have been awarded distinction or star marks in 2022’s HSLC/AHM exams.

Officially, the secretary released a letter on 13th July 2022. The letter mentions that to accelerate the award process the SEBA board had decided to obtain details from student bank accounts in order for the government to declare a policy and the benefit to be extended as quickly as possible. A portal has been created on the SEBA site to allow access to the procedure. It is believed that it was opened today at 11AM to 5PM of the 30/07/2022.

A list of students who are eligible is available in the portal. Below are the steps involved in implementing this policy. The policy also directed all school officials and heads to ask students to consult their banks to verify that they can technically transact their money. In this way, the student will not be able to withdraw or transfer funds to their accounts due to technical issues.

1. Eligible students need to visit the official website of SEBA and click on the link Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme (ARBAS 2022), Application for Cash Award’, and go through the instructions therein.

2. The Admit Card for the HSLC/AHM examination, 2022, should be used to fill out the Roll, Number, and Date of Birth. Logging in is only for eligible students, i.e. those who have achieved Distinction or Star marks. After logging in, students will need to enter a bank account number and an IFS code.

3. After logging in, students will need to create a bank account in their name and provide the IFSC number. An account opened under another name or identification will not be accepted.