Assam: 'Hindus Our Ancestors, Converted Due To Atrocities,' Says MP Badruddin Ajmal

Assam: ‘Hindus Our Ancestors, Converted Due To Atrocities,’ Says MP Badruddin Ajmal

Ajmal (also the president of Assam State Jamiat Ulama) has stated that his ancestors are Hindus who had to convert Islam because of atrocities committed by a few Hindus. However, he asserted that they were not forced to do so.

He also poked fun at RSS and BJP, saying that Hindu Rashtra was a political gimmick being used to capture 5% of Hindu vote and that it would be a nightmare forever.

Ajmal also asked Muslims from Assam to not sacrifice cows for Eid-ul-Adha and exhorted them to observe the feelings of Hindus.

The AIUDF chief urged Muslims not to do ‘Kubaarni’, which is to sacrifice animals in order to fulfill their religious obligations.

Unfortunately, some of his followers were not happy with the appeal and several Muslim leaders opposed them.

Ajmal stated that cow sacrifice is not supported by many Muslim religious institutions. Darul Uloom Deoband in Pakistan, which is the largest Islamic education institution in the country, also made a similar appeal some years back.