Assam: Hailakandi DTO Placed Under Suspension For Negligence of Duties

Assam: Hailakandi DTO placed under Suspension for Negligence Of Duties

Adil Khan, Secretary of Transport, stated that Mazumdar was placed on immediate suspension. He will not be allowed to leave the district headquarters without the prior approval from the authority.

The statement continued, “The former Deputy Commissioner for Hailakandi Rohan Kumar Jha reported to transport authorities that DTO Mazumdar had left Gurugram, Haryana, without permission from the district authorities.”

Mazumdar Khan, who had been suspended, has requested that the district authorities appoint an assistant commissioner to lead the district’s transport office.

Notably, the March 2018 Assam Chief minister Himanta Biswa Saarma claimed that all state employees had to seek permission prior to leaving the district. They are then posted.

The employee will also be disciplined if they fail to comply with the orders.

Sarma also advised government workers not to travel outside their district headquarters without permission.