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Assam Government: Himanta Biswa Sharma, which closely monitors state law and order

He said strict vigilance was maintained to ensure harmony in the state community.

“Apart from ensuring that community harmony is maintained, we are also monitoring the state of state law and order,” he said in a dialogue with media outlets on Saturday.

In addition, when media officials asked about comments by former BJP spokesmen Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, who caused the turmoil in some states, Sarma said, “The Indian government has already responded to it, and the same goes to the public domain. Yes, I don’t think there’s anything new to add to the state government after that. “

Meanwhile, in Playagraj, about 227 people were arrested from various districts of Uttar Pradesh in connection with the violence on Friday.

Of these, 68 were arrested by Prayagraj and 50 by Hathras, and Prashant Kumar, an additional director of police (law and order), said in a statement on Saturday.

The remaining 48 were arrested in Saharanpur, 28 in Ambecker Nagar, 25 in Moradabad and eight in Firozabad, according to a statement reported by PTI.