Assam: Goalpara 'Imam' Detained Over Alleged Association With Ansarullah Bangla Team

Assam Goalpara “Imam” is Detained for alleged association with Ansarullah Bangla Team

The ABT, a terrorist organization in Bangladesh that is part of Al-Qaeda’s network, is notable.

These two men were identified as Abdus Subahan, Dakaidal, & Jalal Uddin from the Matia region.

Subahan’s uncle and elder were also taken by the police for questioning. A person from Goalpara’s Matia has been arrested by police on suspicion of being connected to Jihadi organizations. Jalal Uddin, a Matia resident has been identified.

According to some sources, Abdus Subahan was the ‘Imam’ of Tinkoniapara Mosque as well as a teacher at Tinkoniapara Madrassa.

Jalal Uddin was detained by the police on Saturday, while Abdus Sobahan was taken into custody after praying in the mosque Friday night.

The Goalpara police are currently interrogating both of them. Abdus Subahan’s family demanded strict actions against him if he is found guilty or if not, immediate release.