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Assam floods turn favorable for Cattle Smuggling to Bangladesh, ahead of Bakrid

News 18 reports that police had received information suggesting floods are favourable conditions for smugglers.

According to this report, Eid has neared and the demand for cows is increasing in Bangladesh. Smugglers have taken advantage of flooding to transport cows to Bangladesh.

Recent tweets from Assam Police claimed that cattle smuggling was taking place along the Brahmaputra River.

SSM Police took recent and vigorous action to stop cattle smuggling from the Brahmaputra River under Sukchar PS South Salmara Mankachar District.The tweet stated that @assampolice was @[email protected]

News 18 quotes sources that further mention in their report that the cows have been tied up to banana trunks. These can be thrown into water. Each day at least 100 cows are smuggled.

“All of these cows bear a mark, and sometimes a number. The Brahmaputra, Gadhadar and other rivers can be found here. “Flood water, river water all have merged in this situation and if previously 300 cattle were smuggled,” News 18 quotes a local official as saying.