Assam floods: Only four districts remain affected, 17000 people still battling

Assam Floods: There are only four affected districts, and 17.000 people continue to struggle.

Guwahati: Assam’s floods were a positive development as both the numbers of those affected and their impact on individual districts have decreased dramatically.

The latest Assam State Disaster Management Authority report (ASDMA) shows that only four districts remain affected throughout the state up to Thursday evening.

These districts were also impacted by six revenue circles, and 55 villages.

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The population has reached 17213 and seems to have risen by approximately 800 people compared with Wednesday.

On Thursday, 237 ha of crops were damaged in the state. However, no deaths have occurred.

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The ASDMA states that nine relief centers and two distribution centres for relief are operational. These relief camps currently host 1253 individuals.