Assam Floods: Medhikuchi Villagers Face Uncertain Futures Due to Catastrophic Floods

Assam Floods: Medhikuchi Villagers Face Uncertain Futures Due to Catastrophic Floods

Pasara: The village of Medhinkchi is one of the most affected villages in the Bajari district, with more than 35 homes and many animals washed away by the current flood waves. The villagers were shocked and wept after they returned home from the rescue camp as their homes and animals were completely washed away when the banks of the Pahmala River were destroyed by the floods.

The farmers who prepared the paddy seedlings for subsequent cultivation spent a sleepless night because the paddy fields were covered with sand. Manoi Taluqdar, a resident of the area, is still waiting for cows and chickens near the banks of the Pahmara River. He said, “My three homes from my farm, six cows and 1,500 chickens were washed away. I lost my source of income. I have no home to stay.” I did.

“During the flood, we had to leave the house without taking important household items and animals. Now people are safe, but the house and animals,” said Kamleswar Karita, an elderly person in the area. Has been completely washed away. It takes hours to destroy, but it takes years of effort to be able to rebuild the house. ”

“This area is flood-prone. I’ve heard that the government plans to build a campus for the University of Batadev at this location. Affected by this flood near the Pahmala River. How can an institution function in a local area? ”

One woman said, “I lost my house, animals, money and rice fields. I’m a poor person. How can I get my property and animals back when I have no other source of income? Our hopes and dreams are perfect. Fleeing in a catastrophic flood. The government must help us, or we will die of hunger. ”

Various NGOs such as Jan Briddhi and One Star are working day and night for people. They have distributed essentials among the people affected by the flood. In Bajari, more than 30,000 rupees in the district have been affected by the current flood waves after Bhutan released water from the Krithu Dam.