Assam Flood: Road repair work ongoing in Dima Hasao

Assam Flood: Road repair work ongoing in Dima Hasao

Haflong: The road between Haflong and the town of Silchar was temporarily open to small vehicles until it was permanently restored. Officials from the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and the Office of Public Works (PWD) are devoting themselves to clearing roads with large landslides so that vehicles can continue to run and supply groceries and other necessities. .. Haflong’s headquarters are now accessible via roads to the capital city of Guwahati and the town of Silchar in the Cachar district.

Roads, railroads and other infrastructure were devastated by the devastation of landslides caused by constant rain last week, and the entire district was almost stranded, but temporary road restoration was short of groceries and other necessities at the Dimahasao market. Is not …

Fearing uneven spikes in commodity rates on the market, North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council authorities and district administration have issued orders to control rates according to previous costs. CEM Debolal Gorlosa and Deputy Commissioner Nazreen Ahmed visited shopkeepers and merchants to physically navigate the market, preventing further price increases and worsening the general public.

Food materials were airdropped by the IAF (Indian Air Force) at internal locations such as Kepur, Hajadisa, and Raison. Locations such as Purana Leikul and Hejaichak were unable to transport essentials by helicopter due to technical issues and improper landings at these two locations.

“On Monday, a total of 30 metric tons of groceries, including dal, rice, mustard oil and potatoes, were sent to Harangajao, and another 9 metric tons of other necessities were dropped in the air,” said Nazleen Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner of Dima Hasao. Was done.

All stranded passengers were immediately airlifted by the Indian Air Force in collaboration with ACS’s Dima Hasao DC Nazreen Ahmed, and food was also airdropped. Five APRO (Assam Police Radio Organization) personnel were rescued by NDRF from the top of Mahadevtilla’s hill, where the central point of the radio terminal station functions. The APRO radio system was installed in Harangajao on Monday evening.