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Assam Flood: Cokrajar District Manager Orders Closure of All Educational Institutions

” It is notified here from we.f17 that as a result of the constant rain and flood conditions in the Kokrajar district, all educational institutions (both government and private) under the Kokurajar district remain closed. 19: June 2022. This notice will take effect immediately. “

The constant rainfall over the past few days in the state has submerged many parts of Cochrajar, as all rivers and tributaries are flowing above dangerous levels, thereby causing people to move to different parts of the district. You are forced to evacuate to a safe place.

Districts that have not been flooded for the past two years are now flooded, as several districts of the Kokrajar City Hall have been flooded.

The Gaulan River, which runs near the town of Kokrajar, threatens the citizens of Kokrajar as it has flowed above dangerous levels since Thursday morning.

In the town of Kokrajhar, Tengaoara, Rupathi Nwgwr, Swmdwnpuri, Mainaopuri, Naldangpara, Shantinagar, Gournagar, Subhashpally, and other adjacent locations were flooded on Thursday.

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