Assam: First ever torch relay for 44th Chees Olympiad reaches Dibrugarh

Assam: Dibrugarh’s first ever torch relay to the 44th Chees Olympiad

DIBRUGARH: On Wednesday, upper Assam Dibrugarh was the site of the 44th Chess Olympics’ first ever torch relay. 

Mitrabha Guha (72nd Chess Grandmaster) carried the torch relay, and it was handed over to Bimal Borah in Dibrugarh.

On June 19, 2022 Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 44th Chees Olympiad torch relay in New Delhi. From July 28 through August 10, the 44th edition will take place at Mahabalipuram, Chennai.

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Speaking at the programme, Bimal Borah said, “Today is a historic and happy day for Dibrugarh District Sports Association because the first ever torch relay for 44th Chess Olympiad reached Dibrugarh. The torch relay first reached at Guwahati on July 10 and I took the torch relay from Chess grandmaster Mitrabha Guha and it was my honour to take the torch relay,”.

“For creating awareness on Chees game, the torch relay will travel 75 cities. The Chees Olympiad in Mahabalipuram will see over 200 nations participate. It is a great honor to be able to host such a huge event for the first-time. The Chees game was first introduced in India during Gupta Empire and after that, it was moved to other countries,” Borah asserted.

FIDE, an international Chess organization, has initiated the torch relay for the first time. This is part of Olympic tradition, but it was not done during the Chess Olympiad.

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Arkady, President of FIDE, handed the torch over to the Prime Minister. He then gave it to Viswanathan anand.

Intikabar Racman, Dibrugarh Vice Commissioner Biswajit Pagu, Intikabar Rahman, Vice President of All Assam Chess Association and Duliajan LLA Terash Gowala were also present. Sanjay Dutta was the ADC Sanjay Dutta and Ashim Hazarika, chairman of DDA, were also there. It was held in Dibrugarh’s Multipurpose Indoor Sports Hall.