Assam: District Day Celebrated by Dhubri and Gosaigaon

Assam: District Day Celebrated by Dhubri and Gosaigaon

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Ambumsan MP gave a welcome speech, stating that this is the first time the district day has been celebrated to showcase its long and illustrious history and heritage. He said the Dubri district was once within the Goalpara district as one of its subdivisions with district headquarters in Dubri.

“But on July 1, 1983, the state government cut out the Dubri district from the Goalpara district, and another Dubri district consisted of three districts,” said Ambumsan MP.

A famous mathematical scholar and a respectable son of Dubli, who was born and raised here, Shankar Kumarboth was the ruler who occupied the area as a major speaker of the history, heritage and culture of the former Goalpara district. Was treated for a long time. He protected this part from the invasion of the Mughal Empire by building a fort on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River.

“As a numismatist, I see history not only through the history of the economy, trade and fashion of the time, but also through the old coins of the ruler, who speaks a lot of other things,” Bose added.

The inauguration was also addressed by Dr. Devamoi Saniyar, chairman of the Dubli City Council, who spoke about the importance of protecting the day in the Dubli region. A student art and quiz contest was held, followed by a vibrant cultural program that included songs.

Gossaigaon: During the District Day celebration, the sub-registrar office Gossaigaon chose and celebrated the newlywed bride and groom for the Arundhati Gold scheme.