Assam: Dhubri district administration appeals to celebrate Eid peacefully

Assam: Dhubri District Administration appeals for Eid peaceably

Dhubri, Deputy Commissioner to Anbamuthan MP stated categorically that animal sacrifice must be done according to the applicable laws and most recent instructions from the district administration.

Abhijit Gurav Dillip, Dhubri superintendent of Police said the same thing. He also stated that the kurbani must be done in such a manner that it does not harm the feelings of the neighbouring communities. This will help to maintain peace, brotherhood, and amity among all segments of the population.

They also wished Eid ul Zoha a joyful celebration and sought the cooperation of the entire community for peace and harmony.

The district administration received assurances from office bearers as well members of Maszid and Idgah committees that their community would follow all laws and instructions and practice the kurbani in their residence campus.

ADC Nitya binod wari was present as well as Chairman of Dhubri Municipal Board (DMB), and Himangshu Saloi Executive Officer of DMB.

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