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Assam: Dhansiri Villagers Plant 1 Lakh Saplings To Protect Nature

This record was recorded during World Environment Day when villagers in the area attended with Forest Office officials and district government agencies.

Saplings were planted on Saturday on 40 hectares of the Tengapani drunk driving area under the district of the Salpasar Parliament.

Biswajit Phukan of Sarupathar MLA said trees will be planted on about 500 acres of land and the Nambour Forest will be extended to that area. He also said that people would be compensated for those who gave up their land for a plantation drive.

He said the plantation was formerly a forest inherited by the villagers.

He said those who once invaded the forest now decided to work on the forest again.

Over the next few years, locals in the Dansiri Subdivision are planning to plant 15 such seedlings, and each family is said to be planting at least 10 seedlings.