Assam College Principal Council's 37th Biennial Conference Ends in Shiva Sagar

Assam College Principal Council’s 37th Biennial Conference Ends in Shiva Sagar

GAURISAGAR: Dikhowmukh University in the Sivasagar district hosted the 37th two-day biennial meeting of the Assam College Principal Council (ACPC) with the support of the Sivasagar and Charaideo zones, which ended on Friday. The program on the first day began with the raising of the flag by Bipl Chandra Borkatoky, President of the Reception Committee. After that, Sivasagar Vice-Chairman Megh Nidhi Dahal opened the door to the exhibition.

Later, the founder of the university, Horen Bhuyan, lit the lamp, and Kamal Jyoti Gogoi, an inspector in the school, Sivasagar, and Charaideo districts, opened the door to the conference hall. A symposium on the new national education policy for 2020 was held. Dr. Devabrat Das, Vice President of Assam Rajiv Gandhi Cooperative University, was inaugurated. At the start of the seminar, Dr. Das said that higher education has changed significantly over the last 75 years of the country over the last decade.

Regarding Dr. Alok Buragohain, a former vice president of Dibrugarh University, attending the rally as Principal Speaker, Dibrugarh University stated that the new national education policy is the best education policy of our time. This new education policy shows the overall development. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Sarat Borkatoky, President of ACPC.

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