Assam: CM says it's not the single penny BJP spent paying for Maha MLA hotels

Assam: CM says it’s not the single penny BJP spent paying for Maha MLA hotels

Assam CM also distanced itself from the political storm unleashed in Maharashtra.

“Why do we need to be involved in the support of the BJP in Maharashtra? My only concern is that guests coming to Assam need to stay safe and comfortable tomorrow. I have the same welcome when Congress comes, “Salma said.

Rebel lawmaker Shiv Sena’s hotel bills are speculated to be on the rise due to concerns that taxpayers may be paying for them.

However, Assam CM denied all these rumors, saying, “Why does BJP pay the invoice or does Assam submit the invoice? Rather, Assam earns money from the hotel via GST.” Did.

Himanta also took this opportunity to attack journalists and accuse him of blinding himself to the devastating flood conditions prevailing in Assam.

He argued that the state’s catastrophic flood situation was ignored and was not given the deserving coverage, adding that predicament came to the fore after Maharashtra state legislators arrived in Guwahati during the ongoing floods. rice field.