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Assam CM filed defamation proceedings against Mannish Sissodia

Sisodia claimed that Sarma had signed a contract for a personal protective equipment (PPE) kit with a company associated with his wife, which resulted in a significant overpayment.

Interestingly, Assam CM’s wife, Riniki Bhuyan Sarma, has already slapped Sisodia in a rupee 100 civil defamation case.

“Himanta Biswa Salma signed a contract with his wife’s company and paid 990 rupees for the PPE kit. Other companies bought the same from other companies for 600 rupees. This is a big crime,” said Sisodia. I committed it earlier this month.

Deputy Minister Delhi also claimed to have all the necessary documents to prove his claim to the Prime Minister of Assam.

In particular, shortly after the allegations were leveled by Sisodia, Sarma warned him to file a defamation criminal procedure.

Ms. Sharma then added that she did not receive any “money” for them while refusing the allegations leveled by Sisodia.