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Assam Citizens' Register Data Release After Aadhaar-type Security: Centre

According to the Centre, data security systems such as Aadhaar will only be made available for Assam’s National Register of Citizens. The government stated that the data would be made available to the Centre and state, as well as the RGI (Registrar General of India). 

Official notification by the RegistrarGeneral of India of data from the Assam NRC Lists published in 2019 is yet to be made.  

The Supreme Court, which monitors the Assam NRC Process, directed on August 13, 2019 that an “appropriate system be established in lines similar to those provided for Aadhaar Data.” 

Responding to Abdul Khaleque, Assam Congress MP, in Lok Sabha today, Nityanand Rai, the junior home minister, pointed out the court’s decision. 

“On the  directions  of  the   Supreme  Court,  the  supplementary  list  of inclusions  and  exclusions  have  been  published  on  31st  August,  2019,” he said. 

The Supreme Court, he added, has directed the State Coordinator of NRC, Assam, “to enact an appropriate security regime on lines  similar  to  the  security  regime  provided  for Aadhaar  data and  only  thereafter  the  list  shall  be made  available to the State  Government,  Central  Government  and  Registrar General of India”.