Assam Chief Secretary Jishnu Baruah Visits Gharphalia LP School

Assam Chief Secretary Jishnu Baruah Visits Gharphalia LP School

Jorhat: On Saturday, Secretary of State Jishnu Balua said that learning English correctly in Assamese middle school is essential because you may have to go out of state for work or career opportunities. Said. During the third phase of the Gunotsav program from June 1st to 4th, Barua visited the 113 No Gharphalia LP School in Chenijan, district as an external evaluator, and talked about some issues, including national education policy. .. “Because no one in the state may be able to get a job, learning English properly, or more recently Hindi, will be an advantage when looking for a job outside the state,” Barua said. rice field.

He added that maybe only five children at school knew a little English and one way they could become more fluent in the language was through extensive reading.

Barua said Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet with Principal Secretaries of all states in Dharmashara on June 16 and 17 to discuss national education policy and three other subjects.

“I would have to show what Assam’s educational scenario is,” he added.

Regarding the implementation of NEP in Assam, he said it would be implemented, but the time frame was not fixed.

“We left this to the university,” he added. Barua added that the process of rationalizing school teachers is underway, with fewer students being assigned to schools with more students.