Assam: Bail granted to all five arrested for Bethukandi dyke breach

Assam: Five people were arrested in connection with Bethukandi Tyke breaches.

Raju Deb’s arrest, a former BJP cadre was the catalyst for political discussion. Raju Deb was arrested by the District BJP last year during the Assembly elections. He was campaigning for Dilip Paul, who had been denied the nomination by the BJP. Paul failed to contest the election. In a press conference, the district BJP pointed finger at Paul after Raju was arrested. They claimed that everybody knew who Deb was and why he was campaigning in the Assembly election. Paul filed an FIR on behalf of nine individuals, including a couple of leaders from district BJP. He claimed that his posts to social media were meant to tarnish the image.

Saumen Choudhury was appointed as Raju’s advocate. He stated that the police hadn’t produced any evidence to support his client’s involvement with the Bethukandi damage incident.

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