Assam-Arunachal Border: Some villages outside the scope of the 12 regional committees

Assam-Arunachal Border: Some villages outside the scope of the 12 regional committees

Tinsukia: People living along the border between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are troubled in 123 villages between the two states by forming 12 regional committees in consultation with the Arunachal Pradesh government. Although the Assam government’s decision to resolve border disputes was welcomed, many villages were members of the Commission, even if these villages were established and the area was invaded from either side long before 2006. I served as a meeting.

Two plots of Tinsukia, Sadiya and Margherita, share the border with five districts of Arunachal Pradesh: Lohit, Low Divan Valley, Namsai, Changlan and East Siang. However, the Tinsukia Regional Commission considers only the Sadiya Revenue Circle and subdivides Margherita, which has long contended for the border with the Chanlan district, where the people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh were also invading the forest area. Was completely excluded. Some of these villages include Hanjuwara under Lecapani PS and the Green Valley of Gylanpur (AP).

Arunachal Pradesh claims 11 villages in the Sadya district of Paglam, Keba, Tinali, Bangor, Karin-1, Karin II, Kangkong, Lucuma, Hazkti, Sampler Headquarters and Mankenmiri (Simanta Tengapani). doing. It is being invaded by the people of Assam. Some of these villages are barely accessible from the Assam side, and due to the long-term negligence of the Assam government, the Arunachal government has better connectivity and others to the extent that the AP government provides voting rights to these people. Developed the infrastructure of.

Here, it can be said that the Assam government filed a proceeding with the Supreme Court on the border dispute between Assam and Arnachar on March 25, 1989. The Supreme Court appointed a local committee on September 25, 2006, which submitted a report to 123 conflict villages in September 2014. There are many villages other than 123, according to sources, but the regional committee acted solely on the direction of the local committee appointed by the Supreme Court. The fate of other villages may be taken up in stages, sources said.

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