Assam: Announces Karbi MIL textbook for Class X and XI

Assam: Announces Karbi MIL textbook for Class X and XI

Karbi Lammet Amunjin’was created and approved by the Assam Secondary Board of Education and published by the Assam Textbook Production and Publishing Corporation (Guwahati).

The book has 10 articles in the prose section and 5 poems in the poetry section, contributed by various writers.

The editorial board includes Sing Kro, Mondor Teron, Bikash Teron, Ranjit Hanse, Kiri Ronghang, Meerklar Teronpi and Hanali Englengpi.

Meanwhile, the Class XI textbook “Lammet Amanim” was regulated by the Assam Higher and Secondary Education Council and produced by the Karbi Language Development Committee and the Karbian Ron Autonomous Council (KAAC) Higher and Secondary Education Committee.

KAAC’s Longsing Teron, Chairman of the Karbi Language Development Board (KLDB), is Karbi Lammet Amei (KLA), Editor and Vice President, and Hukursing Rongpi is Deputy Editor of the Editorial Board.

“KLDB Chairman Longsing Teron has taken the initiative and has spent time and effort going to SEBA’s office several times instead of once to write a textbook. It’s him and his today. It was due to the dedication and sincere efforts of the team. We were able to release a MIL textbook in Karbi. “