Assam: Actor Who Was Arrested For Protesting Against Price Rise In God Shiva's Attire Gets Bail

Assam: An actor who was arrested for protesting against the price rise in God Shiva’s attire is given bail

Birinchi Bora, a man identified by the actor, dressed up as Lord Shiva and performed a skit along with his female partner who dressed as Parvati in protest at rising prices under Narendra Modi’s Government.

Their video went viral via social media, and was noticed by Hindu groups such as Vishwa Hindu Parshad and Bajrang Dal.

The Hindu groups protested the act, and filed a complaint against the actor for allegedly hurting religious sentiments.

Bora was taken into custody and brought to Nagaon Sadar Police Station after she acted on the complaint.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Bidwa Sarma took note of this and intervened in helping Bora obtain bail.

If offensive material is mentioned, dressing up isn’t a crime. Nagaon Police has received an appropriate order,” Assam CM tweeted.