Assam: A herd of wild elephants tramples on Nagaon

Assam: A herd of wild elephants tramples on Nagaon

The incident occurred in the Dansila district of Nagaon district, when the victim was doing household chores in front of the house when the elephant arrived. But at the time of his dwelling, no other family was in his dwelling.

The deceased was identified as Putulbauri.

The Forest Department was immediately informed of the incident, after which they arrived at the scene of the incident and sent the bodies of the dead to the hospital for autopsy.

On May 5, when a herd of elephants came from the woodlands to a populated area for food, the incident was unraveled and things began to get tense when the elephants arrived in a densely populated area.

Tragedy struck as Bauri tried to drive the flock away, but his attempt was in vain because they attacked him instead.

He tried to chase the flock back into the forest, but instead reached the recipient and died because there was no one else.