Assam: 217 Employees Of AFDC Likely To Lose Jobs

Assam: 217 AFDC employees are likely to lose their jobs

According to reports, employees were also served with a show cause notice asking for an explanation as to why they shouldn’t be fired.

Employees were asked to respond by July 28th.

After a report by the Additional Secretary, this development occurred.

After the review, the AFDC MD issued a notice to all employees stating that, after reviewing all documents and verifying them, it was clear that their appointment had been illegal without interview or advertisement.

“If accused employees do not submit satisfactory replies by the due date they will be removed from service. Media reports quoted Parimal Subbaidya (State Fisheries Minister) as saying that there is no tolerance for corruption in the state and they will punish those who do.

Ramakanta Deuri, BJP MLA and Chairman of Assam Fisheries Development Corporation has been also under scrutiny.