Assam: 1st to 2nd year of transfer to school by HS2023

Assam: 1st to 2nd year of transfer to school by HS2023

The Ministry of Education has set a deadline of 2023 to respond to and realize change. Assam Minister of Education Ranoj Pegu told reporters on May 8.

According to NEP-2020, school education means that classes up to the twelfth standard cannot enter the university, the Minister of Education said.

Ranoj Pegu told reporters that the university is a higher education institution with graduation and postgraduate degree classes and is moving the 11th and 12th standards from university to school with a goal of 2023. rice field.

The Minister of Education has revealed that the necessary steps have been taken to promote 1,000 high schools in Assam to high schools. At the beginning of 2021, 215 high schools were upgraded to high school and upgrade selection procedures are underway.

In addition, Ranoj Pegu said the process of integrating SEBA (Assam Secondary Education Commission) and AHSEC (Assam Higher Secondary Education Council) has also begun.

Peg concluded that, according to SEP, both boards of education should be under one head and the process was initiated as a result. Even if merged, the office remains separate and has a chair and a co-chair.